Volunteer Opportunities

Global Hospitality Hosts

Global Hospitality is a ministry of the Willow Creek Association. Our mission is to minimize expenses for international guests by providing accommodations, in the homes of Willow Creek Community Church members. Hosts must be a participating member or actively pursuing membership. For more information, please call 224-512-1793, email us or view our FAQ.

Global Serving Teams (No opportunities at this time.)

Join a Global Serving Team and serve abroad at a WCA International Conference. This is an amazing opportunity to experience all that God is doing through our church in another part of the world! You will play a vital role by serving our International Affiliates and conference guests. You will also spend some time touring the country learning about the local history and culture. These trips are paid for at your own expense. For more information, please call 224-512-1330 to make an appointment, or email us.

Global Volunteer in South Barrington

International Events

Serve in any one of many functions to support WCA International events. Serving can include some of the following:

  • Administration
  • International Conference Check-In
  • Foundation Research and Grant Writing

For more information, please call 224-512-1248 to make an appointment, or email us.

Starting a Global Hospitality Ministry

Global Hospitality is all about welcoming, and making room. Making room in your life and in your home by opening your home for a short period of time (usually one week). Why? To welcome church leaders from around the world who are in need of training, equipping, and envisioning through the WCA Conference events.

Our mission is two-fold. To connect Willow Creek members with international guests in need of accommodation during conference times, and to help minimize guests international travel costs, thereby making a greater impact on their conference experience.

If you would like more information about starting a Global Hospitality Ministry in YOUR CHURCH, feel free to download the Global Hospitality Ministry Implementation Guide.